County Championships
20th June 2010, Rushcliffe Notts.

Report by Sue Snelgrove
Very well done to all the boys.
  • Amazing progress by the little ones from the floor and vault competition only 3 months ago!
  • Fantastic work by all the boys now doing voluntary routines - they did some great stuff!

Thank you very much to everyone for your involvement......

  • Liz for all her organisation
  • Dean and Michele for the refreshments and to all their helpers
  • To everyone who donated cakes etc (delicious!)
  • To all the people who did the door, raffle, tombola, kit, etc,
  • To all the coaches and judges - quite a challenge to judge the voluntary routines as well as for the boys to do them!,
  • Huge thanks as well to Alan for doing a grand job scoring again - (and the runners)
  • and to all the audience and to everyone who helped put out the equipment and put things away at the end (we do really, really appreciate that!)
  • .....and lastly Barry for keeping the competition running efficiently so that two long and complicated competitions only overran by 15 minutes - another great effort!

    Here's looking forward to the next one!

PS......the webmaster says........well done Sue our club manager, you never get a mention!

Results: Competition 1    Competition 2

Photos: Notts. Championships Photos on flickr