GB Mens League Match
27th September 2009, Rushcliffe Leisure Centre

Report by Sue Snelgrove
On Sunday 27th September Notts School of Gymnastics hosted the first men's league match in this year's competition.   We competed against Woking and Tolworth.  It was a very nice competition with all the teams competing very hard but with a friendly and fun atmosphere.  

Woking came out the winners with 308.4 marks, just ahead of Notts on 305.1, with Tolworth on 288.7.  

Points are scored as if there are three individual matches:- Notts Vs Woking, Notts Vs Tolworth, Woking Vs Tolworth

The points scores in the matches (4 points for team win, 2 points for 2nd (to differentiate from no show, which would be zero), 1 point for each apparatus won) were:  

Woking 6.5, Notts 5.5
Notts 10,  Tolworth 2
Woking 10,  Tolworth 2

Overall points: Woking 16.5, Notts 15.5, Tolworth 4.   You can view the Full scoresheets in pdf format


We are hoping to visit Manchester for the next match in our group next month.




A big Club thank you to all helpers