Inter Club Competition
28th September 2008 , Derby


Report by Sue Snelgrove

Well done to all the boys who competed at Derby - you all looked great and competed really well.

I have a copy of the results but they managed to mess them up rather (I thought the scores sounded odd at the time but assumed they must have been doing some averaging so didn't question it but when we looked at them on the way back it was clear that they had added the deductions for the vault score to the floor score, instead of subtracting it from 10 and then adding it!).

Most of the results for our boys are unaffected but one in particular is very disappointing - Ben Hunt has worked really hard at his routines and had a really good competition and it appeared he hadn't won a medal but he should have won BRONZE. Nothing can quite make up for not getting your medal at a competition but CONGRATULATIONS Ben - I'm really proud of you! In that competition as well, Robin should have won the GOLD and Timothy SILVER - so congratulations to both of them as well. At primary 2 Luke should also have won GOLD - so congratulations to him as well.

The results that should have been are as follows (assuming my adding up is correct!):

Primary 4 7-8 (vault scores 1st, then floor, then total): Primary 4 10-11:
1st Tyla-Jae Curtis 8.7 9.3 18.0
2nd Tommy Bacon 8.8 8.85 17.65
3rd Ben Allan 8.5 8.4 16.9
4th Nico Gray 8.6 8.1 16.7
5th Daniel Bailey 8.4 7.85 16.25
6th Louis Askew 8.8 7.35 16.15
(out of 15 gymnasts)
(first 3 unchanged from results at competition)
Tommy & Louis = 1st on Vault, Tyla 1st on floor
1st Liam Coffey 9.25 8.6 17.85
2nd Dru'elle McDonald Bamford 9.4 7.75 17.15
3rd Lucas de Souza 8.75 7.6 16.35
4th Harry Shaw 8.75 6.6 15.35
6th Flynn Caines 8.45 6.05 14.5
(out of 8 gymnasts)
(2nd and 3rd reversed from results at comp - but at least they did both get a medal!)
Dru'elle 1st on Vault, Liam 1st on floor

With all the primary 4s, not holding the arabesque cost quite a few very dearly in the floor routine!
Primary 3 9-10: Primary 2, 10-11
1st Robin Woodward 8.95 8.35 17.3
2nd Timothy Lee 8.85 7.75 16.6
3rd Ben Hunt 8.8 7.65 16.45
(out of 6 gymnasts)
the boy who was given gold came 4th, with 16.35
Robin 1st on vault and floor
1st Luke Pearce 9.15 8.7 17.85
4th Toby Elliott-McAskell 9.2 6.6 15.8
5th Sam Randle 8.05 7.35 15.4
(out of 8 gymnasts)
Toby 1st on Vault, Luke 1st on floor (even with a 0.5 deduction for the rebound after the handspring!)
Primary 2, 12-14  
4th Tom Brown 8.6 7.85 16.45
5th Ashley Wheeler Webster 8.95 7.1 16.05
6th James Goode-Hamy 8.7 7.3 16.0
(out of 8 gymnasts)

Well done to the boys whatever the outcome though - I think they all enjoyed it anyway!!


Photo's to follow