Men's National Elite and NDP Grades

Newcastle - 29th April to 1st May 2006


The Men’s Elite Grades and NDP were held in Newcastle on 29/30 April & 1 May.  This is the first national competition that many of the boys will be involved in and we had 26 boys out of a total of 38 in the East Midlands teams.  

Men's Elite Grades

The Elite Grades took place on the Saturday - this is the competition for boys who are at the top end of the national scale in gymnastics and who are hoping for selection to the GB national squads.  At Under 12, Zach Walker won gold and William Woodhouse came 11th so both are in the National Squad - the team also took Gold by more than 10 marks. 

At U11 the team came 6th, with Toby Shouls in 11th (national squad), Sam Woodford 21st, Jacson Curtis 25th and Finn Shearwood 34th (the format for the team competition is 6 in a team and 4 scores counting to the team total, so a team of 4 is at a disadvantage as every score has to count).

At U10 only Matthew Liddiard was 9th (national squad) and Tom Gooch (36th) competed so there was no team. 

At U9, Jairaj Jandu came 4th (national squad), Harkiran Sahota 20th, Edward Sidebottom 23rd and Jack Roberts 24th, with the team taking the Silver Medal.

NDP Grades

The NDP (National Development Plan) took place over the Sunday and Monday - this is the level just below the Elite Grades but is still national level and boys finishing in the top 15 also get places in the NDP national squads. 

At Intermediate 2 level (under 13), Nathanael Fittro finished in 21st and Andrew Marshall in 33rd. At Primary 1 (U12), Grant Blackhurst came 27th. At Primary 2, Ben Berry came 31st, Josh Avallone 35th and Jake Woodcock 43rd, with the team coming 6th. At Primary 3, Zak Appleton came 5th (NDP national squad), Tom Brown 34th, Ivan Panczak 35th and Harry Johnson 39th, with the team also in 6th. At Primary 4, Tom Orridge came 15th (NDP National squad), Luke Pearce 43rd, Billy Roberts 47th and Dillan Brialey 57th, with the team in 9th place.

National Squad Places

U12 - Zach Walker and William Woodhouse

U11 – Toby Shouls, 

U10 – Matthew Liddiard, 

U9 – Jairaj Jandu, 

NDP U10 – Zak Appleton, 

NDP U9 – Tom Orridge


Very well done to all of the boys.

View the results from the BGA website (Elite Grades) (NDP Grades)


Elite Grade U12 Gold Medal Winners

Elite Grade U9 Silver Medal Winners