Head Coach Cries....we need more
 All day everyday!


Article by Alan Penn

Yes Barry cries!

However...... not due to over emotion as of course you were expecting....... but cries of help.

At the recent County Championships we heard our Head Coach spoke of the funding problems that most sports have to develop top athletes.  Gymnastics has recently gained an increased profile and momentum so eventually no doubt (maybe after we have a champion !) the sport will receive extra funding.  With the push to the next 2012 and sadly through the loss of some long term sponsors there has never been a time when fundraising has been so important.  The club wants to grow top champion Gymnasts that love their sport and can remain injury free.  Investment into facilities, equipment and top coaches comes at a premium.

Here is the cry to Businesses, Parents and Sporting organisations, give us your time effort and money and partnerships and we will try to give you Champions.

What About.....

Retail voucher and cash donation schemes
Local Business' board advertising in the Gym
Sponsors for Gym Events such as competition and displays
Donation of Equipment, Video cameras/monitor displays
Parents to help organise and run fundraising events
Free Press and media coverage
Sports Drinks and supplements

This list is not exhaustive!

A little effort from a lot of people who are passionate about these lads becoming champions can make the difference.

To take part in forthcoming events or if you have any ideas the contact Sue (sue@nottsgymnastics.co.uk) or Alan (media@nottsgymnastics.co.uk).