National Development Program (NDP) Regional selection 2008 - Round 1
P3-under 9 and P4-under 8
16th March 2008 ,

The first round of the regional selection competitions have given the teams for Primary 4 (P4-under 9) and Primary 3 (P3-under 10) age group.

The top 6 in the region qualified for the NDP Setwork finals in Newcastle on 5th May and the second 6 (including boys competing "out of age") qualified to compete in the Setwork Challenge in Ipswich on 17 May.

The results were as follows:

P3, NDP finals, Newcastle, 5th May

  • Andrew Fifer (2nd)
  • Duncan Hinchley (3rd)
  • Kenny Quilty (4th)
    The team also includes 1 boy from Northampton, 1 from Lincoln and 1 from Wade P3,

P3 Setwork Challenge, Ipswich, 17th May

  • Joshua Perkin (7th)
  • Dillan Thomas (9th - out of age)
    (Sam Rendell finished 8th but he isn't available to compete at the Setwork Challenge)
    The team also includes 1 boy from Hinckley and 3 from Lincoln.

Well done to William Fowler who finished 15th.

P4, NDP finals, Newcastle, 5th May

  • Lewis Harmon (2nd)
  • Matthew Taberham (3rd)
    The team also includes 3 boys from Northampton and 1 from Wade.

P4, Setwork Challenge, Ipswich, 17 May

  • Dru'elle McDonald-Bamford (7th)
  • Liam Coffey (8th)
  • Lucas de Souza (9th)
  • Flynn Caines (11th)
    The team also includes 2 boys from Wade.

Well done to Daniel Cook who finished 13th, Izak Leech 15th, Richard Taylor 16th and Henry Burdett 19th.

P1, P2, I1 and I2  results........