National Development Program (NDP) Regional selection 2008
P1, P2, I1, and I2
30th March 2008 ,

Another round of the regional selection competitions has taken place at Hinckley and we now know the teams for our primary 2 (under11) and primary 1 (under 12) age groups, plus those going to Newcastle or Ipswich in the Intermediate levels.

The top 6 in the region qualified for the NDP Setwork finals in Newcastle on 5th May. Those who didn't make the team for Newcastle plus boys competing "out of age" were eligible to compete in the Setwork Challenge in Ipswich on 17 May.

The results were as follows:

P2, NDP finals, Newcastle, 4th May

  • Jack Roberts (1st)
  • Euan Broughton (2nd)
  • Luke Pearce  (3rd)
  • Tom Orridge (4th)
    The team also includes 2 boys from Hinckley.

P2, Setwork Challenge, Ipswich, 17th May

           2 boys from Lincoln and 2 from Northampton

P1, NDP finals, Newcastle 5th May

  • Zak Appleton (1st)
  • Isaac Glenn (4th)
    The team also includes 2 boys from Northampton, 1 from Lincoln and 1 from Wade P1

P1, Setwork Challenge, Ipswich 17th May

           Only 1 boy from Hinckley at this age group

At Intermediate 2, Jacson Curtis and Joshua Avallone met the qualifying scores so will compete in Newcastle
(they are the only 2 from the East Midlands at that age group).

At Intermediate 1, William Woodhouse will compete at Newcastle and 1 boy from Hinckley will compete at Ipswich