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NDP Regional Finals
Newcastle Gymnastics Academy, Newcastle upon Tyne
24th & 25th May 2003

Results Table

24 boys represented the East Midlands Region at the NDP Regional Finals in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The East Midlands team consisted of 4 boys from Hinckley Gymnastics Club and 20 boys from Notts School of Gymnastics.

Intermediate 2, P1 and P2 boys competed on the first day of competition.

Ivan Bourgya (Hinckley Gymnastics Club) took the Silver Medal as the second highest scoring Gymnast at Intermediate 2 level.

In P1, Charlie Hayes (Hinckley Gymnastics Club) was the highest scoring individual Gold Medallist. Charlie also scored a perfect 10 on P-bars.

P1's combined score was the second highest of the day, but they were not eligible for a team medal as there were only 4 boys in the team!

For P2, Reece Pearson achieved the 4th highest individual score.

On the second morning it was the turn of the P3 and P4 teams. Both teams finished the morning in medal positions, so tensions ran high as the afternoon competition had to be completed before the final results were known. Results were:

Gold Medal for the P4 Team - William Woodhouse, Perry Offler, Isaac Shearwood, Zach Walker, Daniel Powers and Ethan Lewis.

P4 Team Zach Walker & Perry Offler

Zach Walker took the Gold Medal as the highest scoring P4 Gymnast.
Perry Offler collected the Silver Medal for the second highest score.

Silver Medal for the P3 Team - Sam Oldham, Daniel Warren, Andrew Marshall, Ryan Rodgers, Aidan Foster and Robert Sansby.

Sam Oldham (Notts School of Gymnastics) achieved the 4th highest overall score.

P3 Team
Overall 9 boys were placed in the top 10: Ivan Bourgya, Charlie Hayes (Hinckley); Zach Walker, Perry Offler, Jake Houtby, Chris Hipkiss, Andrew Smith, Reece Pearson and Sam Oldham (Notts).

Congratulations to all!

Results Table