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Olympic Power Rings

Olympic Power Rings
114.00 per pair inc UK Mainland Delivery
DVD Ring Strength DVD Ring Strength
featuring twice World Champion Gymnast Jordan Jovtchev.

A unique opportunity to take a lesson from the world's best. Every exercise is demonstrated by Jordan Jovtchev. He is your instructor on this journey into the world of elite strength training.
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DVD 32.95 inc VAT and UK delivery

Your training is only limited by your imagination...

Olympic Power Rings are designed to take your performance to new levels. They are one of the most effective all-round training tools known. Awesome strength can be developed from ring training.

"I highly recommend the Olympic Power Rings"
Pavel Tsatsouline, author of Relax into Stretch

What you can do with Olympic Power Rings?
  • The crucifix (iron cross)
  • Muscle up
  • Inverted cross
  • Maltease Planche
  • Press to handstand
  • Tiger bends
  • Dips, weighted dips
  • Flyers
  • Pike press to handstand
  • Straddle press to handstand
  • Pressups, pushups, pullups, much much more...

Olympic Power Rings - Product information
Olympic Power Rings are manufactured from steel, 1.25 inches thick, allowing for a comfortable grip and solid feel. The rings are powder coated with a crinkle texture to allow for a secure gripping surface. 3500lb rated buckle and webbing, with triple reinforced stitching.

Price 114.00 per pair inc VAT and UK Mainland delivery Order