Notts School of Gymnastics
2003 in Review

British Championships
Senior Lee Finlay 5th on Parallel Bars, 6th on Rings
U16 Nathan Dunstan Gold Medal on floor & vault
Silver Medal on parallel bars
Bronze Medal on pommels
Overall Silver Medal
Max Shearwood Gold Medal on pommels
Silver Medal on rings & high bar
Overall Bronze Medal
Sam Hunter Gold Medal on parallel bars
Silver Medal on floor & pommels
Bronze Medal on rings
4th overall
U14 Jake Houtby Gold Medal on floor
Bronze Medal on parallel bars
4th overall
Nathan Dunstan, British Championships Sam Hunter British Championships
Max Shearwood British Championships

British Team Championships
U14 Notts School of Gymnastics
'B' Team
Overall Silver Medal
  • Chris Hipkiss
  • Jake Houtby
  • Andrew Smith
  • Matthew Beverley
  • Ben Taylor
  • Reece Pearson
Notts School of Gymnastics U14 B-Team

P1 Andrew Smith 5th Overall
P2 Reece Pearson 4th Overall
P3 Sam Oldham 4th Overall
East Midlands Team Overall Team Silver Medal
  • Andrew Marshall
  • Robert Sansby
  • Aidan Foster
  • Ryan Rodgers
  • Sam Oldham
  • Daniel Warren
East Midlands Primary 3 Team
P4 Zach Walker Overall Gold Medal
Perry Offler Overall Silver Medal
East Midlands Team Overall Team Gold Medal
  • William Woodhouse
  • Perry Offler
  • Isaac Shearwood
  • Ethan Lewis
  • Zach Walker
  • Daniel Powers
East Midlands Primary 4 Team

English Championships
Senior Lee Finlay Overall Silver Medal
Junior Nathan Dunstan Overall Gold Medal
Sam Hunter Overall Bronze Medal
Sam Hunter, Nathan Dunstan, Coach Sergei Sizanov, Lee Finlay

London Open - U16 Loveday Shield
U16 Nathan Dunstan Overall Gold Medal
Sam Hunter Overall Silver Medal
Max Shearwood 6th Overall

U16 Nathan Dunstan Overall Gold Medal
Sam Hunter Overall Silver Medal
Max Shearwood Overall Bronze Medal
U14 Jake Houtby Overall Gold Medal
Chris Hipkiss Overall Silver Medal
U12 Andrew Smith Overall Gold Medal
Reece Pearson 4th Overall

Nik Stuart Memorial Cup
U12 Andrew Smith 1st Overall
Reece Pearson 3rd Overall
U12 Team: Team Gold Medal
  • Andrew Smith
  • Ben Taylor
  • Reece Pearson
  • Matthew Beverley
  • Jack Adams
  • Sam Oldham
U12 Team

4-Way International Great Britain -v- France, Germany, Switzerland
Nathan Dunstan Joint Gold on Vault
Highest overall British gymnast

ISF Gymnastics World Cup
Sam Hunter and Nathan Dunstan represented Great Britain in the Men's Artistic National Competition, winning Gold Medal on floor, Bronze on vault, finishing 4th Overall.

For the Schools Level, Sam Winch and Jason Wall trained at Notts School of Gymnastics. They were Gold Medallists in the Men's competition and, together with 2 women's artistic and 2 rhythmic gymnasts, they won the World Cup.

National Squad Members
U16 Max Shearwood - World Class Potential
Nathan Dunstan
U15 Sam Hunter - World Class Potential
U13 Jake Houtby - World Class Potential
U12 Andrew Smith - World Class Start
Ben Taylor - World Class Start
U11 Reece Pearson - World Class Start
U10 Sam Oldham - World Class Start

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